Veteran Chicago Emcee/ national Spoken Word Poet releases his highly anticipated new album. PHENOM showcases his ability capture and communicate his version of Hip-Hop in thought provoking lyrics, infectious hooks, melodies and rhyme patterns.

PHENOM is quoted “The slums of Cabrini Green, I came from the westside, I came from the south side, I came from the north side, I’m all Chicago. I came from Chicago, but if it was up to me, I would of came to you a long time ago.” “I Didn’t Come I Was Sent”. Listeners will find a gem in each one of these 16 tracks of FREE-HOP!!!
Notable features include: ADD 2, Real T@lk, K Love The Poet. Notable producers include: Rashid Hadee, 42 Keez and C. Harper.

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PHENOM is a veteran emcee and national spoken word artist who has performed with the likes of Kanye West (Double Door), Dead Prez (The Shrine Chicago), The Roots, Ron Trent, Dwele, Malik Yusef and more… PHENOM has amassed a core fanbase in the underground scene and is often been considered to be one of the best live performers in Hip-Hop. Amongst many other things, PHENOM is also a youth mentor, whom co-founded one of the largest youth mentoring programs in Chicago called L.Y.R.I.C  (Let Your Rhymes Inspire Creativity). 

You can support on iTunes or on Amazon. Make sure to also give him a follow on Twitter @Phenom18 and Instagram @DatBoySaid.