Many months after making headlines for his claims that he’s Bob Marley’s son, Fabian Marley drops a new vid.  

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Reggae artist Fabian Marley, who alleges he is the eldest son of reggae legend Bob Marley, just dropped a new video, “Naw Go Say We Poor,” which has the makings of a massive hit.


“The video is a dedication to the whole world, and to the whole of Jamaica.  Let’s bring forth a clear way of living; we must be one,” says Fabian of the newly released visuals.

The video comes just in time to promote his European tour in France, which kicked off October 20th, and runs until November 12th.

Whether or not his heir to the Marley legacy is legit (he states he submitted a positive DNA test after the Marley family filed a cease and desist), it’s still a dope song.  Check out the visuals above, and let us know what you think.