Right in time for the new James Bond Spectrum movie release, independent and unsigned rapper Tommy Green drops a new track titled “James Bond.” The inspiration behind the song stems from Tommy’s past in the cannabis culture. Like the song’s cover artwork, Tommy also drove a White BMW 745. He was never one to talk or brag about his business. Instead, he left it up to the people to assume things. And like the song’s lyrics when he says, “I stay on the low,” that usually meant laying low with gorgeous women while keeping a missile sized joint lit of the finest herb on the planet. He always handled his business like James Bond to survive.
The track is produced by GRAMMY Award Winning producer Jared Lee Gosselin, and was a product of the two locking themselves in a room and building the track from the ground up.
In addition to his musical ventures, Tommy is gearing up to release a new cut-and-sew clothing collection called Hippy Thug. The collection was blueprinted and designed by himself! Check out more at hippythug.com!

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