Back in 2011, Kanye West released the Hype Williams directed music video for “All Of The Lights,” which is one of the standout cuts from his now classic album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.” The song had already been added to radio playlists across the country and when the very cutting edge music video was unveiled, it further boosted the songs popularity.

Today, filmmaker Gaspar Noé has taken both West and Williams to task for allegedly lifting the title sequence from his 2009 film Enter the Void, for said video.

Noé to The Daily Beast 

I was more shocked by the fact that that guy who copied all the typography of my titles put his name in it—Hype Williams—when you never usually see a director’s name in a music video. He was putting his name on it over and over! It was so weird that he was not only copying it, but adding his name into the credits over and over again.

The intro to Noé’s film and the “All Of The Lights” show a black backdrop with titles flashing above it in different colors.

There is a very thin line between being inspired and stealing. Especially when it comes to film IMO.Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)