The minister in charge of the NDS, the National Drug Strategy, the organization in Ireland that most deals with the country’s drug problems (and solutions), believes that there’s a very specific way the country can begin to attack drug abuse and addiction at its core: legalize it all.

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The NDS believes there needs to be a “radical cultural shift,” and consequently, weed, heroine and cocaine will all be legalized nationwide. “I am firmly of the view that there needs to be a cultural shift in how we regard substance misuse if we are to break this cycle and make a serious attempt to tackle drug and alcohol addiction,” says  Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, the head minister at the NDS.

By as soon as 2016, drug users will be able to use “injecting rooms” in Dublin, and several other major Irish cities will follow suit soon thereafter, granted the NDS has no trouble removing the legislative obstacles that stand in the rooms’ way.


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