Washington Redskins backup quarterback Robert Griffin III has seen better days. Since his breakout rookie season where he took the league by storm, it has been all downhill from there. From injuries that limited his time on the field to rumblings about dissension within the locker room, ultimately to him being benched, this is not how anyone could have predicted for things to play out.

As the 2015 NFL preseason kicked off, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden told the media that it is an open competition for the starting quarterback gig. This came after RGIII was benched last year in place Kirk Cousins. During the first game of the preseason, it was clear the offense was out of sync. Griffin was sacked or hurried on each play, leading some pundits to believe that he was set up to fail by Gruden.

Though he is still very talented, many presumed that the Redskins would look to trade Griffin but that clearly was not the case. Now that the NFL trade deadline has came and went, it is being revealed that no other franchise put in a call or showed interest in RGIII. This becomes all the more glaring when you consider that there are several teams in need of a quality QB.

Pundits and analysts have cited the $16.155 Million option Griffin signed with the Redskins last spring as the main reason why many teams might have been reluctant to trade. This added in with his frequent injuries.

Next offseason will be very interesting now that RGIII will spend the rest of the season in a Redskins uniform. It seems highly unlikely that he will see the field at all.

Life comes at you fast.Rocko Rathon (@Rocko_CNK)