Seven African-American passengers are citing racial discrimination for being kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight yesterday (Monday, November 2).

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According to reports, a Black couple on a Spirit flight from Los Angeles to Dallas-Fort Worth International were approached by a Caucasian attendant who claimed the male was being disruptive when he refused to leave his seat.

The couple were ultimately escorted from the plane in addition to five other passengers (also African-American) who questioned why the couple were being kicked off. According to LAX police spokesperson Rob Pedregon, the other five passengers were asked to leave for questioning the motive behind removing the couple in the first place. All seven passengers were left behind and stranded in Los Angeles for several hours.


One of the booted passengers, Alexandria Wright, claims there’s more to why all of them were ejected from the plane. “It was more than just us having a conversation,” Wright told local Los Angeles station KCAL-TV. “Why is it that, what, six Black people get kicked off the plane?”

None of the passengers face criminal charges and Spirit is yet to respond to requests for comment.