If you are a fan of the popular podcast The Brilliant Idiots, then you know about the 1 on 1 game bet between former NBA player Jay Williams, and stand-up comedian Andrew Schulz.

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Here’s the back story of how this game came to be. Williams was a guest on the podcast that features Shultz and Power 105.1’s own Charlamagne tha God. Williams talked about his new book “Life Is Not An Accident” which deals with the terrible accident that cost him his NBA career.

During the conversation about Williams life, Schultz decided to challenge him to a pick up game.


The epic show down took place this past Sunday in NYC, where all Schultz had to do was score one basket to win the bet against the former All-American.

Though he clearly was dominated by Williams, but a win is a win.

King Jut (@KingJut92)