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As fans prepare for the release of the new Star Wars movie, there seems to be some controversy behind one of the outfits in the previous film. The famous “slave girl” bikini worn by Princess Leia in 1983’s, Return of the Jedi will be wiped away forever but not without a little protest behind it.

The infamous “bikini” was deemed inappropriate for younger viewers because of it’s sexually suggestive manner. Both Disney and Lucasfilm have agreed to phase out the outfit. Marvel comic book artist, J. Scott Campbell who contributed to many Star Wars titles says that Disney is on it’s way to wipe out the whole outfit and future merchandising will not feature the outfit.

Actress Carrie Fisher who wore the outfit spoke about it in an interview in Rolling Stones magazine in 1983 saying that fans should remember that Star Wars are young boys fantasies so to make Princess Leia more feminine would be to have her take her clothes off. Fisher gave a little advice to whomever will be wearing the slave outfit, “Don’t be a slave like I was … You keep fighting against that slave outfit,”The bikini sold for $96,000 in an auction earlier this month.