To commemorate the release of Nas and DMX’s movie debut in Belly 17 years ago, here’s a list of the top five scenes everyone will remember

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On this date in 1998, the Hype Williams directed, all-star Hip Hop cast of Belly debuted on silver screens everywhere. With DMX(Tommy) as the lead actor and Nas as his right hand man “Sincere”, this hood classic showed the harsh realities of street life as well as the importance of education and Knowledge of Self.

Everyone has their favorite scenes; whether it was the introduction of Knowledge Born, “the for real grimy nigga”, who was played by Wu Tang Clan manager Oliver Diggs aka Power or the run-ins with Nebraska hustler Rico, played by veteran actor Tyrin Turner(Menace II Society, Panther), Belly has more than a few memorable parts.


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5.Tommy’s ignorant “fuck a book” statement/ Rico’s hateration

4.Tommy instigating Lakid’s murder in the restaurant

3.“Now, strip motherfucker!”

2.“I sucked his d^^k the night before last…”

1.the “Jamaican Scarface” scene “I’m the original Jamaican Don Dada!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)