Who doesn’t use emojis when texting, tweeting or captions in their Instagram pics? Despite the huge variety of emoji options; the eggplant emoji, taco emoji, and the long-awaited middle finger emoji, one was noticeably missing, the curly-haired female. Thanks to Dove, you can download a new set of emojis that feature curly girls of an amazing array or colors.

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Unfortunately, they’re not yet part of the official Unicode keyboard, but you can download them for free in the App Store and Google Play.

Thanks to Dove’s “Love Your Curls” campaign, the hair and beauty brand is encouraging people to use the hashtag #LoveYourCurls on Twitter, in an effort to combat straight-hair dominance in media, motivating self-love for the curly-haired girls. When you do, a curly-hair emoji will appear right after the hashtag in the tweet.


Will you download the new emojis?

Angela (@SheisAngela)