Lip sync battles are all the rage. Jimmy Fallon made it cool to mouth along to some of your favorite hits with full force and then Spike TV made a whole show out of it with Chrissy Teigen as the host. But how about putting a good cause behind all of the fun? That’s exactly what the Jam Master Jay Foundation For Music asked.

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For their first annual Hip-Hop Lip Sync Battle, the JMJFM will have Subrosa play host to a four round, head to head tournament featuring industry professionals in finance, legal, and media fields to see who can (fake) rock the mic the best. Each contestant has a minute on the stage and the winners are picked by the crowd. There should be some surprise guests in attendance as well. And who else would be on the turntables besides JMJ’s son, TJ Mizell?



You can purchase your tickets ($50), which goes to the foundation, and get more information HERE. It all goes down on November 10th.

Bryan Hahn is crossing his fingers that someone attempts to perform Bone Thugs’ “World’s Fastest Rap” He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).