In today’s day and age where the digital landscape changes just about EVERYTHING, Angels Like Rebels, a rising record label is aiming to restructure the model for folks getting signed.

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In an effort to engage fans in talent discovery and promotion, Angels Like Rebels launched its crowdfunding yesterday. Artists who reach the funding target, set at $200,000, will have a 3-year deal with the label to record and release two albums. Fans receive various rewards in exchange for their contributions, including albums, concert tickets, and artist branded merchandize, not to mention bragging rights for launching the next generation of music stars. “The music industry is looking for a new business model. We offer a solution,” says Alexander Volgin, the label’s 20-year old founder.

The company held auditions in New York (chaired by Grammy-winning producer Gordon Williams, best-known for his work with Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse), Los Angeles, Miami and Boston, and used referrals from recording studios, producers and vocal coaches to select its first group of artists from over 600 applicants. The crowdfunding campaign will continue for 17 days. “We turn fans into angels: we invite everyone who loves music to support talented artists and benefit from their success.”


Fans may also enroll to promote their favorite artists and share 20 percent of net royalties earned by these artists during the term of a record contract. Artists keep 70 percent of net profits, and they don’t have to repay the money contributed by their fans – unlike recording advances in a typical record label deal. Artists also maintain full creative control over their music. “There is wide support for our cause among artists and fans who are not satisfied with how the music industry treats people who create music,” added Volgin.

“We are rebels! Our goal is to empower artists.”

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