Racism at the collegiate level has led a football team in the Midwest to stay off the field until some changes are made

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About 30 football players from the University of Missouri have decided to walk off the field until University President Tim Wolfe resigns from his position. This move comes as a response to the lack of action from Wolfe to address any type of racism that has occurred on the school’s campus.

U. Of Missouri’s black players on the football team announced the boycott last night, saying that they will not play, practice or participate in any football related activites until Wolfe is ousted for his negligence to respond to the claims of racism.


President Wolfe did respond to the claims, stating that,

“Racism does exist at our university. It is a long standing, systemic problem which daily affects our students, faculty and staff. I’m sorry this is the case. I truly want all members of our university community to feel included, valued and safe.”

Black students have complained of white students openly using racial slurs and other incidents. In August, someone used feces to draw a swastika, drawing condemnation from black and Jewish student organizations.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon demands that these issues be addressed.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)