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FOG “Cloud and darkness surround the throne…”

Fear of God, a brand synonymous with high fashion acclaim, is about to possess a more affordable diffusion line. Jerry Lorenzo its founder and creative director answered the prayers of those not willing to sacrifice financial stability for his admittedly luxe goods.  Lorenzo conversed via Instagram with a high school youth stating:

“…oh and to the high school kid who left that comment 42 weeks ago… sorry for taking so long to get back to you bro. just been busy man… you know this clothing game isn’t as easy as it may seem… the costs, resources, materials… labor, etc… it adds up. making and constructing luxury level items really isn’t inexpensive… so i apologize that the price tag has been too steep for you… anyhow, i hope your misconception or lack of understanding never clouded your thoughts or perspective on my intention… i’m still learning, building a better team and i figured some things out man… found a way to give you what you asked for, and still have some cash left to take that girl out you were talking about… hope you guys are still goin’ strong… anyhow, this is for you my man. i hope you like it… peace.”


The cheeky Lorenzo has released a teaser of an upcoming collaborative collection with ubiquitous retailer PacSun, boldly displaying “FOG” on the label.  Various looks at the collection are beginning to spawn via the newly created FOG Instagram account solely sporting the captions “collection one”.  More news will soon be available on this more affordable take on a famed and revered fashion brand and aesthetic. 

collection one

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