Google has decided to give back to the community in the biggest way to help fight racial injustice. According to Huffington Post, has decided to donate to three groups in support of helping the fight against racial injustice.

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Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, The Silicon Valley De-Bug and Oakland Unified School District’s African American Male Achievement Program are the groups who will benefit from the donations to help make the Bay Area a better place. Justin Steele, the regional head of giving at said in  a statement that the successful branch are proud to support and give in helping the social injustice in the community,

“We want to give local nonprofits the resources and support needed to be bold and innovative in their approach to our region’s toughest social challenges, including those associated with racial injustice.”

One grant will fund the launch of Restore Oakland, which will host worker training classes, programs around racial injustice and health and child care in Oakland. Another grant will fund a response to Black Lives Matter movement to identify the reaction to police brutality against people of color across the country.