Several frontrunners from the camp at Rhymesayers have gotten together to celebrate the label’s 20 years releasing records, in advance of December’s 20th anniversary concert, surprising fans with new track, “This Lonely Rose.”

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Atmosphere teams up with Aesop Rock and Blueprint, with Plain Ole Bill on production, to create a track signature to their specific style of Hip-Hop.

With lyrics like, “Cause I don’t know how to swim/ but I project the the image I’m gonna go all in,” Slug lays down the direction with confidence and veteran ease. The mic is passed to Blueprint next, who continues, “Movin’ fast don’t mean it won’t end quick/ Why put your toes in when you can skinny dip?”


The hook effectively ties it all together, doing its job with lyrics, “This lonely rose/ with thorns to show/ it grows alone/ too hard to hold.”

Aesop stands out on the track, following his unique rhyme patterns and delivering his bars with interesting gems such as “Nothing up his sleeve/ not even an arm” and “Poked your brain matter/ Adequately curious.”

The crew’s anniversary concert is slated for December 4 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, with a line-up featuring Aesop Rock, Atmosphere, Blueprint, Brother Ali, Evidence, Mr. Dibbs and Prof. Tickets are also $20, fitting for the humble yet incredible talent behind the Rhymesayers roster.