Here we go again

The rumbling within the organization hasn’t been easy to bare. We’ve been hearing about DeMarcus Cousins and new coach George Karl’s relationships since the start of the summer and it’s safe to say this relationship will never see happy days (at least for now). With the week starting with news that the Kings are considering Demarcus Cousins (actually can work for both parties), it seems the relationship has finally reached it’s boiling point.

According to CSN Bay Area:


The story goes sideways from here. Something happened behind the scenes before the media was allowed to walk into the Kings locker room. We won’t speculate as to what, but once again, the room had an awkward vibe.

No one was in the mood to speak. And before anyone could fully get dressed, Canadian rapper Drake entered the room as a guest of owner Vivek Ranadivé. There were a few handshakes and some laughs from a small group of players surrounding the singer, but the entire scene was a bad look.

Now, according to sources, it’s does not specify if the vibe in the room was entirely created by the “argument” between both leaders but according to DeMarcus, there are some obvious problems within the locker room that need some addressing. According to DeMarcus Cousins in a postgame press interview:

“We got some issues that we got to, you know, carve out,” Cousins said. “Can’t really speak on that, but one thing is, us players, we’ve got to stick together. Just with that, that will get us over or get us through most battles.”

Seems like things are a little rough in Sacramento. It’s a no question that the relationship between both parties (George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins) is not going well and with the various speculations of DeMarcus Cousins being on the trading block, it may be time to consider a “Post-Cousins” era. Hopefully, DeMarcus and George Karl can work their differences out, but the way things are going, that’s not likely.