No, it’s not Sunday but that doesn’t mean you can’t go to church, especially if Rapper Big Pooh and Nottz are leading the congregation. Today’s sermon is the general f*ccboi nonsense that is running rampant in the Rap game. And yes, there is hope at the end of the day.

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The last single from Rapper Big Pooh’s upcoming album Home Sweet Home (11/13 on Mello Music Group) is a mini exposé on how bad some people want to be rappers and even go to the lengths of attempting to live that kind of life in trap houses and on street corners. He warns against those who approach drug lords for some backing with “you was trying to get a deal but real killers only know what they know” and plays off a mirror metaphor when he proudly looks at himself in one vs. the wanna be rappers who have their backs to it as they do lines of drugs. Nottz completes the satirical picture with chorus samples, a grand organ, and larger than life drums. There’s even an actual pastor yelling about how you, too, can be a rap star with just a laptop and a microphone.

You can look forward to 12 more tracks with raps with meat and bones on them as well as that snappy production that always pops from Nottz this Friday. Pre-order the album here on iTunes and download “Preach” for free in the mean time. You can get a vinyl copy HERE and a CD HERE. As Rapper Big Pooh describes it, it’s supposed to remind you of some good, down South cooking. Enjoy.


Bryan Hahn doesn’t feel so bad about skipping church now for some football this Sunday. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).

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