Drake doesn’t mind being the butt of your jokes. At a staggering $75 million Drizzy has a dollar for every meme or joke you can make, and everyone who laughs at it. So, why not one more?

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Game developer Ashten Winger created a new aptly-named smartphone game called “Drizzy Tearz‘ to poke a bit more fun at the 6God. In the game animated tears roll down Drake’s animated face, and it’s your job to save Princess Peach from Bowser’s castle clear as many as they can before time is up. The game’s description is also good for a chuckle:

Drizzy is pouring his Tearz into the rap game and you must stop him before it’s TOO LATE! Tap the Tearz to stop him from crying and don’t let them reach the bottom of the screen! Don’t be the worst, beat your best score and your friend’s! Use headphones to amplify the experience, the soundtrack is awesome!

The soundtrack is pretty awesome and the game, if nothing else, is a good at-work time killer. Download Drizzy Tearz for free here and check out the soundtrack below.