In a recent interview with, Keke Palmer discussed her views on sexuality and race.

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In her recent music video “I Don’t Belong To You,” we see Keke from her guy’s house (played by Rotimi) to her girl’s house (played by Cassie). The scene had many wondering if this was Keke’s way of “coming out,” to which she had this to say:

“I think the whole video was to let people know my sexuality is up to me. I’m giving you the insight into what I feel is a girl like me, looking into what her world might be like right now, this day in 2015.”


She also touched on some of the criticism she’s received for playing a “token black girl” on the Ryan Murphy hit show Scream Queens, which features scathing satirical analysis on race in a collegiate setting.

“My understanding as an actor is that this is a satirical show. I try to (personally) remove myself ,” she says. “Through the entirety of the show, you start to see the real point and real message through the jokes.”

Keke’s always been one to have her head on straight, and it seems like though she’s still navigating young adulthood like the rest of us, she has a clear and sound mind while doing it.