Former NBA All-Star Lamar Odom has been recovering in a Los Angeles area hospital since collapsing at a Las Vegas brothel on October 13th. Suffering twelve strokes, the initial prognosis was very grim, as many feared the worst. Luckily, Odom powered through and was able to see his 36th birthday on November 6th. As family, friends and well wishers visited him at the hospital, it appeared as though the former 6th Man Of The Year would be on the road to recovery. Now, reports detail the positive outcome may not be too certain.

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According to close friends and family, Odom is still having difficulty being fully functional. The big man has had trouble communicating, walking and has been unable to recognize family and friends. Doctors fear that Odom might have severe brain damage. Available details cite that he has not even been able to muster one word responses, which is a stark contrast to the previous reports that his condition had been steadily improving.