Our favorite “Southern Hummingbird,” Tweet is back with new music and a forthcoming album.

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The Rochester-born soul singer recently released a visual to her single “Won’t Hurt Me,” and says her new album Charlene (her real name) will bring the “basics” back to R&B.

In a recent interview with HERSource, Tweet spoke about her plans to rejuvenate R&B, her new role as a “momager” and her plans to create timeless music.


Tell us a bit about the album?

“I’m so excited about it! It’s called Charlene and it drops January 22 (2016). It sounds a bit like Southern Hummingbird as far as production and what my fans are used to. I collab’ed with a lot of the people who helped on my last two projects, including Missy Elliot. It was great getting to reconnect with people. I’m taking music back to the basics. It’s a full body of work; no skipping tracks. I’m really proud of this album.”

What can expect to hear from your lyrically?

“My songs are basically pages from my diary. I talk about my daily life: everything from love to family. You definitely get a look at where I am personally, dating wise, career wise. I’m very transparent. There’s a lot of inspirational songs on there I think are relatable. I want to feel people’s spirits and let them see they’re not the only ones struggling with things life throws at you.”

While you’ve been around for a while, do you feel pressure to keep up with “new wave” R&B and become a social media “brand”?

“There’s no pressure at all for me to compete. I know my lane and I stay in it. I come from the old school way of doing things as far as getting my music out there: interviews, tours, talk shows, and engaging with fans in real life, and I think it’s worked thus far. With this album, I plan on doing the same thing. While I do have (and use) social media, I’m secure enough in my artistry to where I don’t feel pressure to have a big social media presence. I want to attract my fans with quality music.

Do you feel R&B nowadays lacks quality?

“I think there are some great new artists out there, but a lot of artists have a one track mind. I think music is missing classic instrumentation. There’s not really any timeless music out right now. I want to make timeless tracks, that’s my goal. I feel like a lot of music and artists are missing soul and the essence of R&B—which is to make people feel something that transcends a dance or beyond the charts”

Your daughter has shown interest in becoming a singer. How do you feel about her wanting to break into the industry?

“To be honest, I’ve been very apprehensive and cautious about it. Let’s be real, I’ve been in the game since ’94 and I know all the ins and outs of it. That, plus today’s added pressures, I’m not sure if I want her in it right now. But at the end of the day my job as a mom is to support her dreams, so to do both I’ve kind of become a bit of a “momager.” I know the business but at the same time, I bring the mom side too.

What’s your goal with your music?

“To inspire people. Not even on the religious side or anything, but to inspire people to search and figure out why they’re created. I want to move them. Whether it’s their love life, personal life or life in general, I want them to know everyone struggles and is searching for answers. I want people’s spirits to be filled. I just want them to feel good.”