Hailing from Detroit comes a fresh ray of sunshine named Charity Ward, bringing us a mix of pop, soul, and feel good music on her new EP, Yellow.

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Yellow delivers good vibes and positive energy, with Charity taking us on a journey of healing by finding the bright sky among the dark clouds of life. Pretty makes listeners feel beautiful despite the forces of the world telling us we aren’t.

Standout track “Inspired” is an anthem about being an empowering person, and the importance of speaking life and positivity to others. “Beautiful Moments” teaches us to find beauty in life’s simple and often overlooked treasures. “Undescribable” is a ballad of love for another and the emotions that come along with love that can’t be put into words. The entire EP takes you on an emotional journey that at the end leaves you refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated.


Growing up in Detroit, Charity has channeled her vulnerable nature into music that heals wounds and soothes the soul. Check out the video to “Beautiful Moments” below: