Texas officials have revealed why they believe Sandra Bland committed suicide in her cell. According to Chicago Sun Times, Larry Simmons, the attorney for Waller County, says that Bland committed suicide after her family and friends refused to pay her bail of $515.

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In the appeal filed by the Waller County Sheriff’s office, they labeled Bland as “despondent” after her family and friends allegedly refused to pay for her relatively low bail. In a statement, not only does Simmons blame the family and friends of Bland, but he alleges that Bland chose to commit suicide because of a lack of help.

“Ultimately, Bland’s decision to commit suicide was hers alone, after she denied any suicidal intentions to jail personnel, and after her friends and family refused to bail her out of jail,”  said Simmons, “It is apparent now that Bland’s inability to secure her release from jail — and her family and friends’ refusal to bail her out of jail — led her to commit suicide,”

Larry Rogers Jr., an attorney for Blands mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, says that the allegations are “gratuitous insult.” Rogers says that Bland’s relatives did not ignore her when she phoned for bail money.


A hearing is scheduled for next month so U.S. District Judge David Hittner can review evidence and statements in the case.