“I want you to know that you’re beautiful, and I want you know that I got you, I support you, and I love you.”

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While in Atlanta for the promotion of her new screenplay “Things Your Man Won’t Do,” actress Essence Atkins (Half & Half, Smart Guy) got down on her knees and washed a young woman by the name of Allison Person‘s feet as both an act of sisterhood and a joke about what a man won’t do for his woman.

“This wasn’t planned for me to do this, but sisters, it’s important that we love on each other,” an emotional Atkins said. The empowering moment brought tears to Person’s eyes as she listened to Atkins express her kind words.


“And if we don’t give that to each other ya’ll we are lost, and will never be what we can be. So I get down here on my knees the way Jesus got down, and I give to you and say thank you for your strength, for your beauty, for your tenacity, for your integrity, for your intelligence, for your kindness. Thank you.”

Allison shared her thoughts and gratitude for Essence on Facebook:

“It was overwhelming, the love that she gave me being that she didn’t know me, still doesn’t know me,” she explained. “I pray that metaphorically you wash the feet of someone else, you do something that pulls you out of your level of comfortability and serve someone else. It’s so much deeper than her washing my feet but it’s simply us serving one another.”