Blocking ads is great, but blocking particular celebrities? This could just be genius.

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A new app was released yesterday (Wednesday, November 18) from the application company Furtiv Ltd. cleverly titled “Trump Trump” and its sole purpose is to remove all things Donald from your internet experience. Now iPhone users can lead a Trump free life (at least online).

This isn’t the first celebrity specific blocker Furtiv Ltd. has created. The recently released “K Block” app will eliminate all things Kardashian from your web surf. One word of caution—it also eliminates Kanye by association.


The co-founder of Furtiv Ltd states after he made a Kardashian blocker for iOS, “I was flooded with requests for a Trump blocker. I don’t know if we are heading towards a future where we’ll be able to block everything that we don’t like, but here’s my small contribution to dystopia.”

Apps such as “Trump Trump” are a glimpse into the new wave of blocker specific app development, thanks to Apple’s recent update allowing content blockers on the iPhone.