There aren’t many MCs that have managed to maintain their musical longevity past the 20 year mark like Redman. Ever since his What? The Album debut, his weed smoking, comedic lyricism left an imprint in the game that would be picked up and adopted by the new millenium’s artists. That same energy is felt on Mr. Reggie Noble’s most recent full studio release, Mudface.

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As his eighth album, Mudface not only shows Red’s maturity in the game, but also his ability to keep up and even surpass some of today’s most respected lyricists. Tracks like “Wus Really Hood” and “Bars” display the verbal versatility of Muddy Waters and rides along the album’s conceptual alignment like Doc’s Malpractice album. Redman kept this album a true solo project, with minimal guest appearances and they were from newcomers Runt Dog and Ready Roc on “Undeniable”, StressMatic on the hilarious, but melodic lead single “Dopeman” and the personable “Nigga Like Me”. Chock full of slick mouthed skits, entertainment is guaranteed from the veteran rapper/actor.