Tiffany Evans recently released her long awaited EP All Me, and with it brought the quality music we’ve been yearning to hear from her.

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Since Tiffany’s last full-length album in 2010, she’s been busy being a mother of two, a wife, owning a sunglasses line and founding her own record label, Little Lady Entertainment.

The seven-track EP (written by the talented songwriter) features first single “On Sight” featuring Fetty Wap and the recently released track, “T.M.I.” While the singles have proven themselves to be major hits, the entire body of work is solid. From the production to the lyricism we see the pain, growth, and experiences Tiffany’s gone through in life.


“I think my fans will get a better understanding of who I am as an artist,” says Tiffany. “I didn’t have any barriers when I was working on this project. I took my time. I wanted the music to be about my experiences or things I’ve witnessed.”

All Me is the follow-up to Tiffany’s 2012 mixtape 143, which received over 60,000 downloads in its first week—a major feat as an indie artist. You can download her album here.