Church has never been this lit

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The Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church in Atlanta incorporated popular songs like “Big Rings” and “Hotline Bling” into their Sunday services, in an attempt to “target un-churched people”, says pastor Will Gravely. He also told Complex:

Our pastor received a book a long time ago—The Purpose Driven Church—and what it taught was that Jesus’ ministry in the gospel was to reach people who thought they weren’t righteous already. His biggest critics when he was on the Earth were religious people, but his ministry was towards those who were far from God. The purpose of the local church is to bring people who are far from God closer to him. At that point we became what’s known as ‘Seeker Sensitive,’ and we use Sunday, especially because we’re in the Bible Belt, to offer an invitation to people who feel far from God or who don’t really do church. We make the environment welcoming.

He even welcomed the two Hip Hop sensations, Drake and Future, to church saying that what they do isn’t “too dirty for God”.


Watch The Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church’s renditions of both “Hotline Bling” and “Big Rings” below:


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