New York City’s own Angie Martinez has been a staple in Hip Hop since the 1990s becoming one of the preeminent voices representing culture. In her 20+ years in broadcasting, she has interviewed some of the biggest stars in rap ranging from 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., JAY Z and everyone you can possibly think of. Last year, Martinez made the jump from her longstanding position at Hot 97, joining Power 105.1 and continued being “The Voice of New York.” Having successfully worked in broadcasting, music, film, television and more, Angie Martinez is most certainly one of the shining examples of what our culture has to offer.

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New York City mayor Bill de Blasio felt the same way and he recently held a press conference honoring Martinez and her work, naming the 19th of November “Angie Martinez Day.”

Bill de Blasio:


When we talk about Angie Martinez the title The Voice of New York, La Voz de Nueva York, that’s a pretty amazing title, you must be someone pretty special to reach that level.

Angie has taken all that she is and she’s really become an icon. A virtuous icon, an icon that makes people very proud, makes us proud as New Yorkers. Makes the entire Latino community proud and particularly makes the Puerto Rican community proud.

Angie is going beyond all the work she’s done before and now she’s taken on a truly important mission: she’s taking something precious and updating it and modernizing it she is bringing la cocina Puerto into the 21st century.