You’ll have to excuse us with a late pass on this one because we were too busy selfishly listening to this project before we wanted to share it with you guys. Harlem is ringing with a new voice in Hip-Hop and it’s coming from a singer, Tim Vocals. This new album, which stands for Real N*gga Bars, only weighs in at 10 tracks but spans various sounds to keep your music ADD satisfied. You might expect his lyrics to be coming out of a rapper’s mouth but he adds melodies that a lot of rappers are attempting to compose and failing. There are classic R&B vibes on this as well as what R&B should be sounding like in 2015. It also contains features from Smoke DZA, Vinny Chase, Da$h, and others.

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We can already see the Youtube covers of these songs popping up…

You can stream it below and purchase it on iTunes.


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