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You know the drill: you wake up after a night of one too many cocktails at happy hour to find you have half an hour before you’re supposed to clock in. Damn! While there’s not enough time to go through your usual morning beauty routine, here are a few tricks and tips to help you look your best in a pinch.

  • Brush Baby Powder Through Your Hair

You don’t have enough time to treat yourself to a good shampoo and conditioner while in the shower this morning, and the wet hair look isn’t really your thing. Try dusting your brush with some baby powder and brush it through your hair. The powder will soak up excess oils and give a little restored body to your tresses.

  • Moisturize

While you don’t have time to ponder the meaning of life this morning in the shower, you need to take a quick (cold) shower to wake yourself up and freshen up. Right after your shower, put on lotion so your skin looks hydrated and refreshed.

  • Keep A Spare Outfit

Planning for times like is so crucial. Plan a complete outfit or two to have ready in your closet. This avoids having to search for pieces that go together, and avoids wasting time changing multiple outfits in the morning.  

  • Stick to the Makeup Basics

We all appreciate a great eyeshadow masterpiece, but late mornings don’t allow time for us to get too detailed with makeup. Opt for the basics such as mascara (to open your eyes), concealer (if your bags are extra apparent today) and lip balm (to hydrate the lips that are dry from gulping down that fourth, fifth, and sixth margarita last night).

  • Keep Emergency Products in Your Bag

Keep travel size toothbrushes, deodorant and baby wipes in a small makeup bag in your purse for those moments when you need to freshen up in the car or in the bathroom at work. It’ll save you the few minutes you simply can’t afford to spare.