As part of the Miami Beach Art Fairs and Art Basel, the annual international contemporary art showcase that runs December 2-6, an inaugural female-run fair has been added to the docket.

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The Conception Art Fair will be participating as the only fair owned and produced by women. The event will showcase special attention to artwork and projects by women, and other minority artists.

With over 75,000 visitors anticipated to attend this year’s events, Conception Art Fair will feature infamous female street artists at the forefront of the contemporary art scene, such as Swoon and Queen Andrea, as well as up-and-coming artist t.RUTT, who will be showcasing an installation of a tour bus formerly owned by Donald Trump as part of his presidential campaign.


t.RUTT’s exhibition will be traveling across the country on its way to the fair, and reads “#women trump trump” on one side, and “#make fruit punch great again,” on the other side. The artist will also incorporate performance and interactive artworks alongside the bus’ journey to Miami.

Amazing to see female artists and tastemakers come together in one space—especially as an exclusively female-run art fair, a first for the renowned art exhibition.