The lottery draft pick is not the one to mess with, on or off the court.

When you’re hooping for a franchise that’s on the verge of setting a new NBA record for the most losses to start a season, frustration tends to kick in. Just ask former Duke sensation Jahlil Okafor. Last night, the 3rd overall pick of this year’s NBA Draft got into a fight with a fan who mocked the Chicago-bred rookie phenom. According to ESPN’s John Goodman, a source close to Okafor said the fan said “The 76ers suck and you guys are all losers. You’ll never win a game“. Okafor decided to take matters into his own hands and began attacking the heckler, knocking one guy out unconsciously while another tried to grab him and bring him down to the ground. Check out the clip below.

The Philadelphia 76ers got word of the incident and had this to say to the media.

We are aware of the report and we are currently working to gather additional information,” the team said. “Until that time, we will have no further comment.

Okafor, who is averaging a team high 18.4 points and 8.1 rebounds per game, is amongst the list of rookies to look out for in the running for the Rookie Of The Year award.

Omari White (@SmooveGuyO)