New York street artist BUA has been privileged with the honor to paint the official commemorative painting for the 75th birthday of Bruce Lee. Set to release on November 27th, Lee’s actual birthday, the painting features Bruce Lee in stance and a dragon lurking in the background, paying homage to his popular film Enter the Dragon. Only 75 prints were created and will be available for purchase at Each piece is numbers and signed by the artist. When asked about his connection to Bruce Lee BUA said, 

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“When I was a kid I used to take the train in NYC to 42nd st. and Times Square just so that I can catch the latest Bruce Lee movie. Enter the Dragon and Game of Death were my favorites and I must’ve seen those two movies a hundred times. Bruce was the epitome of cool, calm, and spiritually collected while still being the baddest Martial Arts Master EVER! I would sit in the theater, take out my sketch book and draw Bruce in different wild and crazy poses. Painting him is a dream come true as he was and still is one of my idols.”

The painting itself is titled ‘Dragon Eyes’ and is set at the modest price of $250. It is 26 x 20 inches making it a perfect living room centerpiece and conversation point. It is a must garb for all fans of street art and martial arts coming in time perfectly for the holiday season.