Erykah Badu is hosting the Soul Train Awards this year–which began at 8pm and is currently airing on BET–and if you thought the queen of social media shade wouldn’t bring the shenanigans to the small screen, you thought horribly wrong.

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During a skit in which Badu–who released her first project in 5 years, But You Caint Use My Phone, on Friday–was on her hotline deciding which celebrities could and couldn’t hop aboard a hypothetical “soul train,” she received a “call” from Iggy Azalea–Iggy of course did not actually phone Badu, stay with us here–and assured her that she could hop on the train, because “what you’re doing is definitely not rap.”


Azalea isn’t in attendance, but this will reach her, if it hasn’t already, given the shock waves it’s already sent through social media. The look on the face of Jidenna, who is in attendance, pretty much says it all.

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