Podcasts have emerged as the new way people consume entertainment and news. Podcasting has given a platform to emerging talent and have helped talent maintain a strong presence in the ever-changing landscape of media. It has also helped niche audiences have a place where the issues or topics they are interested in are catered to.

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Podcasts have been the new wave for a few years now. The popularity of Serial, The Combat Jack Show, and many others have pushed the new outlet forward to the masses. The on-demand ease that comes with the genre has made it easy for people to tune in and join the community. Behind The Boards Podcast is the latest podcast to come on the scene. It is a forum where the producer rather than the artist is highlighted. Guests on the podcast talk about their perspective of the recording process, encounters with your favorite rappers, juicy ghostwriting tales and give first-hand accounts what really happens during those late night recording sessions. The idea for the podcast came out of columns various publications like The Source, Vibe, XXL, Rap Up, and others made where the producer was highlighted. The creators of the podcast decided to use the idea and turn it into a podcast since it has become the newest way people consume media. Varonica White, a.k.a. V.White is the Host and Co-Executive Producer of Behind The Boards podcast. She says “listening to Dame Grease tell me how he and his team created DMX’s It’s Dark and Hell is Hot album was surreal.”

“I’ve been listening to that album since elementary school and still have it on rotation on my iPhone. I love watching behind the scenes footage from film, television and music video sets, so you can really see what was put into it,” says White.



The podcast has just wrapped up its first season with guests like Dame Grease, DJ Uneek, Shatek The Producer, and Sunny Dukes just to name a few. The podcast is currently available on Soundcloud. You can follow Behind the Boards on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.