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Free Lunch is a web series, where the host J. Pablo takes different artists to their old high schools and talks with them about their experiences. The new series was created by the We Made It NYC collective. The members include Michael Clowney, C.A. Burgos, Juan C. Caraballo, Stephen Bercovici, Mike Yi, James J. Faller, and J. Pablo Caraballo. They create different New York themed visual shorts showcasing the culture and history of the city and some of its inhabitants. The first two episodes feature ASAP Twelvyy of the ASAP Mob and Buckshot of Duck Down Records going to their respective high schools and talking with Pablo about the seminal experiences that shaped them during their time in high school. The host and the guest also discuss issues regarding education, violence in schools, and lighter topics like fashion and music. Pablo is a writer and content creator based in NYC and was also a former editor at The Source. Aside from the Free Lunch series, the collective created others like Dusty Clips, Makin Drops, and The Hard Times.