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The long reign on top has finally come to a end….for now?!

The heavyweight division and the Boxing world are still in shock. Saturday night (November 28), a one man dynasty has finally ended. The long reign of supremacy being the top dog in the heavyweight division has came to a sudden end. Last night, 27-year-old Tyson Fury did what 19 other fighters couldn’t do within the past 11 years. In what many considered as a sloppy unbalanced fight, Fury out landed and out threw Wladimir Klitschko en route to become the new WBA, IBF and WBO world heavyweight champion.


Heading into the fight, experts believed that Klitschko was going to have issues with Fury due to the height and reach difference. Fury is a 6’9 giant whose reach stopped Klitschko to become his normal busy self that helped him become champion by throwing merciless jabs on his opponents. In fact, there were times that Klitschko had issues coming with combos due to Fury’s length and active movement throughout the bout.


But one of the most unexpected and awkward moments of the night came after the fight was over with. When Fury was announced the winner, he decided to sing Aerosmith‘s classic song ” I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing“. You can check out the clip below as he able to prove to boxing fans that he can knockout the singing competition with his voice as well. Such a strange way to celebrate as a new undefeated world heavyweight champ.

We feel bad for you Klitschko. You just got bodied by a singing……British.

Omari White (@SmooveGuyO)