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As all fans of battle rap know, the hostility that fuels battle rap style lyricism can sometimes turn physical. That is exactly what happened this past weekend at Don’t Flop’s “First Anniversary” event in Atlanta. Battle rappers Charron and K-Shine engaged in an altercation that left one of the two humiliated and temporarily scarred. In short, K-Shine slapped the fire out of Charron for disrespecting him.

During the third round, Charron was on the mic with his partner 100 Bulletz. The duo was giving their rendition of the controversial track by Slim Jesus, “Drill Time”. As a part of his verse, Charron decided it would be a good idea to point a prop gun at K-Shine for whatever reason. K-Shine took this gun pointed at him as a threat and responded by smacking it out of Charron’s hand onto the floor. In retaliation, Charron pulled his second disrespectful stunt and knocked K-Shine’s hat off of his head into the audience. This, as Dave Chappelle would say, is where keeping it real went wrong for Charron. He was immediately slapped across the face by K-Shine for his actions. Of course, security was quick to break up the scuffle before anything serious took place.

The next morning, Charron got on Twitter to give his take on what happened that night in Atlanta saying he “sent [K-Shine’s] hat to the moon” and that K-Shine “smacked [him] and ran off stage”. According to Charron, he and K-Shine have spoken about the ordeal and there is no bad blood between the two, despite the tone of his tweets. K-Shine has yet to speak publically on the incident so his opinion on their relationship is unknown. One thing that is for sure is that Charron won’t be point any fake guns on anyone else at a battle.