Back in 2011, then Denver Nuggets superstar Carmelo Anthony had made it clear to the franchise’s front office that he would not be remaining with the team once his contract expired, thus leading the team to place him on the trading block. As fate would have it, Melo ended up with his hometown New York Knicks, but he recently revealed that Kobe Bryant had wanted the forward to join him on the Los Angeles Lakers. The two teams were in talks, but communication broke down after Lakers president Jerry Buss was not willing to part ways with then center Andrew Bynum in the deal.

For some reason I was always connected with the Lakers,” Anthony added. “Maybe it was just Kobe behind closed doors.

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Now one can only imagine what would be the sequence of events if Anthony had actually landed in LA. Especially considering that both Bryant and Melo both prefer for offenses to be run through them. With that said, Bryant is still considering his options to participate in next summer’s Olympics. Anthony, who will be on that squad shared that he “is hopeful that they’ll play together one last time.