With an app and a pair of Shiftwear Sneakers, you could have the ability to customize the design of your kicks straight from your smart phone.

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Using e-ink panels, which mimic the appearance of ink on paper, Shiftwear technology offers sneaker lovers unlimited design possibilities in HD color.

Company founder David Coelho assures sneaker heads that although the shoes are technologically advanced, they’ll also be practical. One big way he plans to accomplish this is by making the shoes waterproof, thus making them machine washable. Then to add durability, he plans on crafting the soles out of Kevlar fibers, the same material used in bulletproof vests (although it doesn’t make the shoes bulletproof).


Here’s the best part: “walk to charge” technology. How it’s possible this technology is being used in shoes before phones is definitely a travesty, but according to Coelho, the technology is nothing new—just simply new to this medium. Packing a 30-day battery life, Shiftwear sneakers can be charged by simply walking; or for those of you who stand around at rap shows, they offer a wireless option as well.

When will we be able to see these on the street? The Shiftwear company, like so many startups, has utilized a crowdfunding website to secure their financial backing, offering the first pairs of Shiftwear to supporters. Starting from $150 for the L1 Classics all the way up to $1,000 for the Limited Edition M1 Classics, you can secure your pre-order and help Coelho and his company get closer to an exact launch date.

As of today [December 2] the brand has 398 backers, raising an impressive $95K of the $250K needed for mass production. They anticipate the sneakers will likely hit streets as early as Fall 2016.