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Hoover, Alabama police were investigating the motive of 33 year old Britton Clayton Traylor, a Christian author who walked into an area movie theater with a lifelike mask and bb gun demanding money and the reason behind his crime is what is most disturbing.

Traylor said that his brazen, broad daylight act at the Carmike Lee Branch Theaters was launched as part of his initiation into a higher degree of a globaly known “secret society” known as Freemasonry.

According to Hoover police spokesman Capt. Gregg Rector,


“It’s really one of the most ridiculous excuses that we’ve heard lately. He may have achieved a higher level of stupidity, but that’s about it.”

Traylor was apprehended when the theater’s assistant manager and another Good Samaritan tackled Traylor after the robbery and held him until the police arrived. He is currently being held on $60,000 bail in the Hoover City Jail.

Traylor, an author, published a book in 2012 called Shining the Light; Exposing the Truth.