With the Dallas Cowboys slipping further away from the top of the NFC East, many speculate the Cowboy’s season is down the drain. More importantly Cowboy fans are starting to question Tony Romo‘s longevity in the NFL. Given Romo’s multiple injuries to his clavicle this season his future doesn’t look hopeful. Although Tony Romo’s health has been an ongoing problem, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems optimistic about the rest of Tony Romo’s career.

This is not a damn debate, guys. This is not a debate we’re having here. Do you know that I don’t know if he’s got four or five years? You asked me my opinion and I can give you all the reasons why: the back, or I can give you clavicle, or I can give you any other type of injuries that are there.

But you’re asking me what I think, and I think we’ve got outstanding quarterbacking ahead of us for the next four or five years. That’s not a downer. Will we be looking to develop and get talent behind Romo? Absolutely.- Jerry Jones

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Signing the 35-year-old Tony Romo to a 6-year $108 million dollar contract extension, Jerry Jones better be confident in Romo. Confidence is the only way Jones can justify such a substantial contract towards a quarterback that seems to have father time lurking over his career. Jones and the Dallas Cowboys have no excuse not to be in playoff contention given they’re part of one of the weaker conferences in the NFL. The NFC East is begging for a consistent team to emerge from the mediocre franchises that plague it and the Cowboys (with a healthy quarterback) have the talent to do so.

With the injury prone Romo, fans can’t help but question wether giving him such a huge contract was a mistake. Should the Cowboys start looking towards drafting a young quarterback for the future? Only time will tell in Jerry’s world.