No one particularly wants to spend tons of time or money cleaning. Whether it’s a deep cleaning of the house, or you need to a quick tidy-up, there are some ways to make cleaning easier. In addition to the ease, these are cheaper, more natural alternatives to harsh chemicals found in traditional cleaning products and solutions.

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Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar is the holy grail of cleaning products that isn’t marketed as a cleaning product. ACV is a great solution to use to clean things like microwaves and refrigerators, and you run no risk of health issues should you ingest it. It also is a great product to use on rusty pans or metal appliances.


Lemon Juice
Lemon juice is a great way to cut through grease on dishes. Add a few drops of lemon juice to your dishwater instead of things like Comet or bleach, and get exactly the same results.


Shampoo for Makeup Brushes & Hair Products
When it comes to cleaning both your makeup and hair brushes, using a gentle shampoo will produce just as effective results as buying specific brush cleaner. Make sure your soak your brushes, scrub gently with a drop of shampoo, and let the brushes thoroughly air dry (to avoid mold forming in brushes, especially those with thick bristles).


Shoe Polish
This trick is best used on faux leather. If you have shoes, jackets, furniture—anything made of faux leather—shoe polish is a great way to clean it. Just dab some on a cloth and gently wipe down your faux leather item to keep it looking great.


Rubbing Alcohol
Rubbing alcohol is great for removing makeup or even paint from clothing.


Yes, vodka! Use it to spray on surfaces with fabric in order to disinfect and kill bacteria. Put some vodka and water solution in a bottle and spray on things like couches and mattresses.


White Onions
Use a white onion to clean your grill or coil burners on an oven. Simply heat the coils a bit, then rub some white onion over it to clean the grates.


Club Soda
Use club soda to polish silver spoons, or even some costume jewelry, instead of buying jewelry polish.

chalk (1)

Relive the elementary school glory days by scrubbing some chalk over a grease stain, be it on clothes or any other surface, then take a cloth and gently wipe away.


Canned Air
Before you say WTF, purchase canned air to clean out vents and exhausts. This will help remove dust particles and other build up without having to use harsh chemicals that could possibly be thrown back out into the air.