Nottz has to go down as one of the greats when it comes to production and especially remixes. He has the talent to make you almost forget what the original track sounded like. He was called upon to remix a track from Australian Hip-Hop group Bankrupt Billionaires’s last album, Nobody’s Business. You can also watch the video for the original track below. The outcome was a chopped up reinvention of the original track and the addition of Blu and Rapper Big Pooh. And good news if you wanted more Blu and Nottz in your life. They’re preparing to release the follow up to their last album with Titans in the Flesh, sooner than later.

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You can purchase your copy of Nobody’s Business on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Google Play. You can stream it on Spotify and Tidal.


Bryan Hahn is here, as well. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).