Just when you thought he was off the hook

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In a statement made effective yesterday, the Philadelphia 76ers have suspended rookie Jahlil Okafor for two games. In an official statement released by the organizations front office, it states:

We have made the determination to suspend Jahlil Okafor for two games, effective immediately.

Jahlil is a very important part of our organization and our future. While we are  disappointed with his recent actions, we have faith in him as a valued member of the Sixers. We will provide the necessary resources to support him on his Journey and will do our part to help him succeed both on and off the court.

Now, by no means can we excuse the deplorable and inexcusable behavior of a  19-year old. However, we can look outside of the box and figure a kid who probably hasn’t lost this many games in a row in his whole life being paid millions of dollars to play on losing team can be a bit disheartening and frustrating.


Like his Duke predecessor and fellow NBA mate Jabari Parker stated, most of the negatives that came tumbling down is due to losing and dealing with pressure. Hopefully, Jahlil can get his act together because it would be a shame for all his talent to go to waste over bad decisions.