When BROCKHAMPTON said that they were the next boyband to hit your headphones and speakers, you may have taken them in jest but we didn’t doubt them for a second. One of the members provides Exhibit A in our defense. Kevin Abstract, 19 years old, sings about what most young adults contemplate in their down time–solving the problems that weigh on their brain all day like drugs, becoming like everybody else, and picking yourself up again from failure. The visuals follow him, safely wandering in a motorcycle helmet, with cinematic camera angles.

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You can purchase the single on iTunes. “ECHO” will be on Kevin’s upcoming sophomore album, THEY SHOOT HORSES (2016).

You should also catch up with fellow BROCKHAMPTON member, Dom McLennon’s track, “PORTAL.” We recommend watching it on your smartphone, as it was designed for that screen aspect ratio.


Bryan Hahn wonders what the groupies for BROCKHAMPTON will be like at shows. He’s on Twitter (@notupstate).