With December polls showing the real estate mogul and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump ahead of his Republican competitors by at least 20 percent, Trump has proven that an overwhelmingly significant populace of Americans support his viewpoints.

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Despite his brash approach to immigration, the Black Lives Matter campaign as well as the ISIS crisis, Trump still seems to be the only front runner of the Republican Party. Ahead of Senator Ted Cruz by a comfortable 19 percent and striding past Ben Carson by a whopping 30 percent, America’s “Teflon Don” now has a political ring to it.

When Trump stated that a Black Lives Matter demonstrator at a Birmingham rally for the POTUS candidate should’ve been “roughed up a bit”, people condemned the Don, but his lead in the polls didn’t drop a point. It’s safe to say that his suggestion to have mosques around the country shut down went across well with voters, as his position in the polls didn’t budge there, either. Just last week, Trump reportedly mocked a disabled reporter, but his potential constituents turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to his prejudice again and let the numbers speak for them.


Trump isn’t leading the Republican pack by a marginal lead. With such a sizeable lead, he’s been almost guaranteed the spot to run against the Democrats. What does that say about those who are voting for him? Does his views and statements really reflect the mind of the average American? America will definitely know for sure in November.

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